SLIM (SCREAM Linux Middleware)
A simple yet powerful solution to embedded software development
2007@SCREAM Lab.






SLIM (SCREAM LInux Middleware) is a development platform and middleware for building and running embedded software applications. SLIM supports the software methodology - CBSD (Component Based Software Development), which greatly enhances code reusability and development efficiency.

The middleware is first developed under Linux, so the name SLIM. But in the near future we're going to release a Windows CE/Mobile version with the name SWIM (SCREAM WIndows CE Middleware).

The main features of SLIM are:
  1. Tiny and Efficient:
    • the middleware as a <150 KB binary shared object
    • it executes in single process, multi-threads
    • typical middleware overhead < 3% of total costs
    • suitable for embedded uses
  2. Flexible and Reconfigurable:
    • it supports synchronous/asynchronous bindings between components
    • configurable middleware kernel and reconfigurable components at runtime
  3. Easy to Adapt/Use:
    • fully supported development cycle in various tools
    • a shell enviroment for quick test and run
    • a codegen for generating C++ codes for compiling into a single executable file

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