SLIM (SCREAM Linux Middleware)
A simple yet powerful solution to embedded software development
2007@SCREAM Lab.






SLIM has been applied to various types of applications in the following catagories:
  • Multimedia applications
    • fully functional players
    • GPS, image, audio, video controls and displays
  • Codecs (encoders/decoders)
    • audio (i.e. MP3, AAC...) codecs
    • video (i.e. MPEG4, H.264...) codecs
  • Networking
    • streaming audio/video playback
    • TCP or UDP over IP applications
  • Algorithm implementation/verfication
    • synthesis computations
  • Embedded GUI applications
    • MP3 player
    • H.264 video player
    • Digital photo frame
    • GPS location/information viewer
  • Other embedded softwares

For more detailed information in those application catagories on SLIM, please go to the Documentation page, or to the Screenshots page for a quick glance of the SLIM platform.

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