SLIM (SCREAM Linux Middleware)
A simple yet powerful solution to embedded software development
2007@SCREAM Lab.






  • [2007/8/31]: SLIM has been an open source project in since 2007/8/31. Please take a look at the project page at sourceforge.

Update History

DateEvents or Updates
2007/08/31Become an open source software hosted at SF.NET
2007/05Supports MiniGUI engine to automatically generate GUI from XML descriptions in a component
2007/04/19First edition of SLIM User's Manual is ready
2007/03SLIM Code generation tool, which help developers to generate C++ codes of a composed application on SLIM so as to build into a stand-alone executable.
2006/12SLIM kernel supports signal dispatch timeout monitor
2006/11SLIM kernel supports component watchdog
2006/10SLIM is able to communicate with the JACK audio connection toolkit

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