SLIM (SCREAM Linux Middleware)
A simple yet powerful solution to embedded software development
2007@SCREAM Lab.






SCREAM is the name of SCREAM Laboratory at the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

The project SLIM stems from the project SMP. The component-­based framework adopted in building the middleware “SLIM” is also realized for Windows operating system in “SMP” for SCREAM Multimedia Platform.

As SLIM is targeted for different operating systems,  it is
re­implemented from scratch for Uni-x­based operation systems, and has been improved in many ways so that it can be suitable for embedded software development.

Former team of SMP:

Current team of SLIM:
  • Alvin Su (advisor and consultant)
  • centcent (SLIM project leader)
  • starryalley  (middleware kernel developer)
  • keiko (cross platform SCREAM library developer)
  • mobo (GUI/Eclipse developer)
  • peterer (Windows CE/Mobile version maintainer)
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