SLIM (SCREAM Linux Middleware)
A simple yet powerful solution to embedded software development
2007@SCREAM Lab.






Here are several screenshots of applications running on SLIM, and the console or GUI frontend of SLIM and its tools. Check detailed information of SLIM at the  Documentation page.

SMP (former of SLIM)

SMP and the filter(component) repository shownAn application layout and set on SMP
An example application (IPTV simulation platform) running on SLIMJava Swing auto-generated property GUI from XML for a filter(component)

QT GUI for SLIM (not maintained)

SLIM QT GUIPlaying H.264 video on SLIM QT GUI, using 3 components binded together
Playing MP3 audio on SLIM QT GUI, using 3 components binded togetherImplementation of Frequency Modulation Synthesis on SLIM QT GUI, using 8 components

SLIM binded with JACK Audio Connection Toolkit
for music computations

Decoding audio on SLIM, sending audio samples to JACK, and analyze by another software (freqtweak) through JACKEditing music on another software (Hydrogen), sending to SLIM via JACK, and encoding the music to MP3 using SLIM

Interactive Shell of SLIM (islim)

The CLI (command-line interface) program, islim, for composing/controlling/displaying the SLIM kernel for application executionsPlaying video on SLIM using islim

(compgen, codegen, XML, and C++ programming)

Using SLIM CompGen to generate initial template of a SLIM componentThe interface description XML of a component. There are ports, properties, and GUI specifications.
Editing Component C++ source code, using inheritanceAfter composing components in islim, use SLIM CodeGen tool to generate stand-alone executable
SLIM auto-generated UI (by MiniGUI) from XML description of a componentSLIM running on ARM development board with VGA output

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